My Name is Amanda Shelby (aka Coachedbyshelby). Using a practical understanding of spirituality, intuitive decision making, and entrepreneurial best practices,  I have a created a six-month Tranformational Coaching system designed to guide overwhelmed executives, leaders, & creatives out of their heads & into their dreams.

“Success is an inside job.” Cliche but true. The distance between you and your best life is self-sabotage, also known as faulty programming or limiting beliefs. Basically, your personal “If /Then” statements are producing an infinite loop. (See Below)






Think about
it ... 


When you know what the challenge is and you know what the solution is, you take action. See formula below :


_____ Challenge + Known Solution = Take Action .


So if you’re not taking action it’s because you either haven’t identified the true source of the problem or you have yet to articulate the challenge clearly.  (Need help identifying the REAL challenge you are facing?) 

Solutions are easy to find..

because the world is full of solutions. (i.e. Google it)


Finding the problem is much more difficult. To my fellow computer nerd/enthusiast, I can liken the process of identifying your actual problem to attempting to find a bad piece of code. 


It doesn’t matter if all one thousand lines of code are right, if one line of code is faulty, it can render the most powerful computer useless.  


This is happening in your mind (processor) / and heart (the motherboard aka Muthaboard) 


Updating the processor is a useless, time-consuming, and often costly process if there is a virus on your motherboard. 


How does this look in real life? It doesn’t matter if you make the money, get the house, buy the clothes, and win the awards. If you haven’t addressed the root of your problem,(beliefs, values, priorities) you can find yourself still chasing, still overextending, still people-pleasing, still being reactive, still isolating ...this list could get long. I trust you get the point. 


Intellectual Spiritualism is ...

...the balance of knowledge, intellect, and intuition (also known as the heart space, mindfulness, spiritually) 


When these are not in balance, you find the three dream killers :

Impostor syndrome 


Savior syndrome 

And  Empathic Narcissism 

When you find the balance in these three areas of your life you will find clarity, calmness of mind and body, creativity, and flow. You will also find radical focus , resulting in higher self-confidence and living in your definite purpose.

For the next six months.....

you will be diving into the deepest parts of your “Self” .. we focus on: 

1.) Balancing the Masculine energy (Motivation) or  Defining “Self”  Image . 

Unbalanced Looks Like: 

_ Aggressive 

_ Confrontational

_ Controlling 

_ Critical 

_ Unstable 

_ Unsupportive 

Balanced Looks Like:

_ Decisiveness 

_ Clarity & Courage 

_ Drive & Focus

_ Healthy Boundaries 

_  Confident 

_ Supportive 


Balancing the Feminine energy (Creativity) or Understanding and Accepting “Self"  

Unbalanced Looks Like: 

_ Feeling Powerless 

_ Victim Mentality 

_ Overally Critical & Emotional 

_ Demanding 

_ Manipulative 

_ Over Giving 

_ People Pleasing 

Balanced Looks Like: 

_ Unconditional love 

_ Compassionate & Understanding 

_ Intuitive 

_ Creative Flow 

_ Emotional Ease

_ Allowing

_ Stillness

And, finally, Alchemical Transmutation (the process of turning lead into gold)  or Transmuting the balance energy into its tangible equivalent. I.E. What to do with all of this new energy and passion for life!  

Muthaboard Temp site V2 (1).png
Muthaboard Temp site V2 (1).png

Working with Me is Like 

Thought Partnership and Accountablity Sessions : 


2 X Bi Weekly Video Coaching Sessions (per month)

2 X Bi Weekly Phone call Check - Ins

Access to the WhatsApp Support Group

Access to me via Text

Creatively stimulating exercises such as : 


Mind Mapping - Gain clarity and increase focus.

Action Plans - When you know what to do, you take action!


My Philosophy

I believe the best life is a series of  F.A.T. CHANCES.

F.AITH- Or more commonly known as BELIEF 

​A.RT - Creativity, and intuition.

T.ECHNOLOGY - The ability to transmute your belief, creativity, and intuition into a tangible idea and or product.