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The 30 Day Start-Up is a unique training program design to help the aspiring digital entrepreneur cut through overthinking, procrastination, complacency, feeling overwhelmed, and negative self-talk. 


Why people say YES to this program:

“I know I  have a greater purpose in my life.

“I have greater ideas but I don’t know what to do next

“I know I am bigger than where I am”

“I am tired of feeling unseen and unheard

“I am tired of being frustrated all the time

“I can’t stop overthinking long enough to get things done”

“I am always exhausted and my life lacks passion

“My job is not secure

“I see the digital evolution happening and I don’t want to get left behind.

“I am tired of working hard and having nothing to show for it.”

Why people say NO to this program: 

“I don’t have the energy.” Ok,  you never will. Has that ever stopped you in the past? 

“I don’t have time”.Nobody does, you make time for what matters to you. How did you make time in the past?

“It’s not the right time” .. When is? When you’ve missed the window and the market is oversaturated? How many times will you say "damn I had that same idea!". 

“I don’t have the money” .. Oh ok .. how much are you worth? Do you want people to pay you when you open for business? Sow and reap. In that order. 


“I don’t know if I trust you”. Head over to my IG and get to know me. 


“I don’t know enough about the program” Message me. Let’s talk. 


“Do you have anything cheaper?” I am always offering free content on IG, my blog, and free or low-cost master classes. Keep your eyes open for the Master Classes. (Next Master class) 


“Do you give discounts?”  I don’t know how to do discounted work. So no. But I am offering $150.00 for a referral to the 30day Start-Up Program. (For referrals that close only)


What to expect: 

The 30 Day Start-Up uses a Tech Sprint approach to develop a customized blueprint for your business or personal goals. This blueprint will help you:


Get clear on why or your purpose and your tribe (clients/customers).

Articulate your business in a short, concise statement or an elevator pitch.

Identify your $1,000,000.00 gift and how it can be paired with your current skills to give you a leading edge in a world full of noise. 

Develop a blueprint with real action steps you can take with little or no money investment.

Develop a customized plan to integrate your business or personal goal into your busy schedule. Make a plan that works with you ..not against you. 

Develop your on-camera personality, video/ show format, and best practices for creating video content for marketing.

Tech Sprint is a time when a higher than average amount of specific work has to be completed and made ready for review and or market. Usually done in a short burst to maximize time and effort. 

Master classes +

1:1 innovation coaching

The 30 days consist of 1 group coaching call and 1 personal coaching call per week. We attack from both sides. We work the logic brain or left brain to get clarity on your vision, and we work the creative brain, or the left side of the brain, to remove the blocks that keep you from taking action.


The Master Classes is where we design your business blueprint and use the momentum of group accountability to get you to take immediate action.

The 1:1 Innovation Coaching Calls is where we work through limiting beliefs, linguistic reprogramming, and managing triggers that create self-sabotage. 

To better service my tribe, I have reduced this Program to 12 seats. Seats will go fast. Don’t wait. We hit the ground running on December 1, 2020! 


If you know, it’s your turn, and you are ready to work. Take the next steps today.




Good. The price for The 30 Day Start-Up is $1997.95. Or take advantage of our discount for first-time program participants of  $999.98.  (Rate only available if this your first time participating in the program)


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