After building two successful personal brands in both the television and the emerging tech industy, I have learned that life and business must pour from the heart space .


Alignment with the our intuition can only come from identifying, understanding and trusting our unique truths. When you are confident enough to live from the truth of who you are then you can let go and trust the timing of your life. The quiet mind doesn't need .It simply  allows.  

"The heart is the source of wisdom, higher intelligence and intuition. A primary definition of intuition is the ability to understand or know something without conscious reasoning."(via

What I do? 

I blend expertise from entertainment, emerging tech, and spiritual wellness to create customized coaching packages for the purpose of supporting you as you craft your life and or design innovative projects that make you stand out.​ 

What I don't do?

I am not a therapist. There are certain levels of personal trauma that require medical intervention. I am a facilitator. I.e. I help you help yourself and the key is that YOU be ready to help yourself. 


This program is designed to give you the short cut to clarity and confidence!  This program offer both logistical and creative strategy.  You gain clarity with Business Coaching and gain Confidence  with Innovation Coaching.


This program is designed to help you define, develop and implement a practical approach to understanding and mastering your intuition. The goal is to cultivate balance with the continued expansion (evolution) of who you are and your soul's purpose on this journey we call life. 

This is for you if you are ready to: 

Examine and eliminate limiting beliefs​

Develop a personal strategy for managing your "personal quirks" and your thoughts


​Implement proven techniques to discover, define, and operate from your true self


Increase self awareness / Also known as Emotional IQ 


Increase communication skills


Cut through the useless brain chatter to gain confidence and clarity


Reconnect to your purpose and passion


Develop and increase effective leadership skills


Create healthy boundaries


Improve relationships and or partnerships​​​​


Business coaching allows you translate, and breakdown the complexities of your creative projects and goals into a clear strategic plan for execution; saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

This is for you if you are ready to: 

Get clarity on your desired outcome of you business venture

Learn what your story is and how to craft that story to attract potential clients

Get clear about how to maximize your strengths as services offerings

​​Expand your desired outcome and dig down on your current plan of action. Here we explore where you may have holes in your plan.


​Facilitate effective ideation or brainstorming sessions. Also, learn proven techniques to develop an realistic actionable plan and an effective road map.

Create a stragtey that gets you to take action now. Learn how to simplify your process and reduce the level of complexities. Allowing you to get more done with less effort.

Build a plan that is designed to work with you not against you. Projects and goals (etc) can fail because our strategy is not in harmony with how we naturally get things done. 


10 + Years of Leadership Development

15+ Years of Entertainment Experience

5+ Years of Emerging Tech Expereince

5+ Years of personal accension and authenticy Coaching

5 Years of building High Impact workshop,  key notes talks, and innovation training sessions

Emotional IQ


Practical Approach to Spirituality

Mediation and Sound Therapy

Neuro Linguistic Reprogramming

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

This is only the tip of the ice berge of tools and experience I pull from to deliver a unique transformational experience. YES! I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU. 

Want to know more about me? 



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